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What are people saying?

You are doing a fantastic job. Everything is delicious. Honestly, I was feeling run down, which is why I thought I would try your service. Between the bone broth and the food, I'm feeling much better.

Thank you! Mary

First of all I have to say I'm pretty blown away by the service you are providing.  I thought the food was excellent, pricing amazing, and the fact that you are delivering seems almost too good to be true.  

Kristin T.

Love the delivery! Makes it so doable. Love that there are 5 choices and that we can order extra protein. Thank you so much for offering this service. My son, Brad, is a single guy who works really hard and just can't find the energy to make himself meals at night. When I gave him the first week for Christmas, he was so moved and said it was the best present he had ever been given. :) You are really serving a need in the community!


I love your business and I think Spokane is so fortunate to have you around.

Cheers, Victoria

Thanks for continually offering your delicious food service.  It has made our daily lunch packing so stress free!!


I will continue to spread the word of what you're doing! I really loved the meals and the convenience (as well as what you're doing with the nutrition and locally sourcing ingredients where possible)!

Thanks, Emilie

Your staff was wonderful. They were very gracious and considerate. Please send my regards to your staff!

My family is eating these meals!  And it is helping us so much.  I am returning to work full time and recovering from a head injury, which makes meal planning and preparing difficult with all the demands on my time and rest that my brain needs.

  Sincerely, Julie

Thank you so very much for the last eight weeks of meals for Jeremy, my son. Hopefully it has started him in the right direction of eating healthier and paying attention to all of the good food choices he has out there.  
You have a wonderful user friendly business!

Sincerely, Cathy

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