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Nutrition Quality. Flexitarian Style.

Here at Pantry Fuel, we are different. We design our weekly meals around what produce is seasonally available to us, utilizing food with the highest nutrition quality.

Whole Food Ingredients

Scratch-cooking. Seasonal recipes. Locally sourced when possible.

100% Fresh Never Frozen

Delivered to you within 24 hours. Nutrient-dense.

Restaurant Quality. Better Pricing

Made by professional chefs for the highest quality flavors.


Each season we work with dietitians and medical professionals to ensure recipes are backed by the latest science.



Our story begins with my sweet "Tutu" (grandma), raised in Hawaii. Tutu was the sassy type - if you filled her water too full at a restaurant, she would let you know by pouring it out on the floor until it was at her desired level for easy drinking (...sorry, not sorry?). Tutu was also the most generous person I've ever met. She loved the social experience of great food and she made for certain my brothers and I weren't afraid to try something new. In fact, we had to try something new at just about every meal we went out to - like it or not!

At a young age of 76, tutu became ill and was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. During the last little bit of her life, our family took turns helping her - from grocery shopping to taxiing to Dr. appointments. Cooking was never tutu's strong suite and when she did not feel good enough to eat out any more, she ended up relying on low nutrient freezer meals and meal replacement drinks. After about five months, my sweet tutu passed away. Unbeknownst to our family, the cancer had spread too quickly.

No one can say for sure why cancer takes lives, but we do know that there is plenty of research out there proving whole foods (i.e. fruits, veggies) can slow and even reverse cancer, heart disease, and others alike. Our bodies and minds flourish when we receive enough essential nutrients and the earlier we start taking care of ourselves, the longer we'll get to enjoy doing what we love.

Pantry Fuel has a mission to serve our community convenient, healthy meals made from whole food ingredients. The closer food is to its natural state (whole food) and the denser the nutrients, the more money's worth for you.

We're here to ease some of the pain for a family going through medical hardship - we want to take the meal planning off of your plate. We're here for the new mom who is busy taking care of her babies while still needing to fuel her body with healthy, whole foods. We're here for the busy athlete or business professional whose options are to come home to an empty fridge or grab crappy take-out or fast food, again.

Meet Your Team

Maisa A.

Business Owner

Jennifer S.

Founder/Queen Bee Food Slinger

Doug P.

Head Chef/Kitchen Manager

Cooking is at once child's play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love.


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