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Orders DUE Wednesday by midnight

Meals DELIVERED Monday 9A-3P

  • - Choose a one-time purchase or go autopilot with a Subscription
  • - The current menu can be found by selecting the  'Order' tab on our website menu above
  • - Menus change weekly 
  • - All meals are entree portion size.
  • - How to Eat Meals: Remove lids and sauce cups. Then heat meals in a microwave back up to 165F (1.5-2 min). Containers are microwave-safe.
  • - Shelf-life: Salads (3 days), Fish/Vegetarian meals (4 days), Entrees (5 days)
  • Recurring subscriptions are charged each Thursday after sign up date
  • - Manage Subscription: Create an account on the upper righthand corner of our website. Skip/cancel anytime before Wednesday at 5PM. We do not offer refunds if you forget to cancel before recurring charge
  • - Delivery Monday 9A-3P

Note: all meals are 'entree size' but the 3-Entree Meal Plan excludes the soup & salad.



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