What is a Pantry Fuel AmBADASSador?

Thank you for showing interest in our Ambassador program!


Simply put, these awesome people help us spread Pantry Fuel's mission of serving healthy, whole food, and convenient meals to our community. They do this by showing their love for the brand while scoring free meals along the way!

Our Pantry Fuel AmBADASSadors are outgoing individuals who are active in their communities (on and offline), involved in extracurricular activities, and motivated to make the world a better place -- with the help of teaching others about eating healthy, whole food meals while on-the-go!

There are a few reasons you're going to make a HUGE difference: 

  1. TRUST: People trust community. YOU are our community - we are part of your community. What you share and who we designate creates trust for everyone in our community. 
  2. SHARE: Sharing is the best way for others to hear about us. We are going to share meals with you each month and in turn, you'll help share us with new parts of our community.
  3. SUPPORT: If you love us, tell us and tell others! If you have feedback - we want it all! We strive to be our best self so in turn our customers can fuel up and be their best self. You will be supporting a small business grow and become a better version of ourselves - while we, hopefully, are doing the same for you and the rest of Spokane. 

How To Apply

  • Tell us WHY you want to support us, specific to who we are. How do you values align with Pantry Fuel?
  • Tell us who you want to tell about us and how those people (that person) will benefit?
  • Repost one of your posts showing REAL support upfront OR order from us and post/share your meals (use code: Welcome2Passion) for $10 off your first order :D
The Details
  • To be a Pantry Fuel AmBADASSassador, you must be active on Instagram (and Facebook) and over the age of 18 and located in Spokane, WA
  • Pantry Fuel has the right to end the AmBADASSADOR relationship and cancel any unique discount codes at any time for any reason(s) 
  • AmBADASSADOR perks will continue for six (6) consecutive months or before or after if an agreement of has been made

Your Perks

  • FIRST! When we choose you, you'll initially receive our Meal Plan (5 FREE meals and treats)
  • SHARE & RECEIVE  Tell all your friends + fam about your unique amBADASSador code for 15% off all meals (excludes treats or other add-on items)
  • REWARDS  When you refer two (2) or more customers in a calendar month, on the first Monday of the following month you will receive five (5) free meals to enjoy OR even share. When you refer more than five (5) customers in a calendar month you will receive an additional five (5) meals to be delivered on any Monday of your choosing in the following month. We will track customers using your unique customer code. These meals must be picked up at our kitchen unless you pay for your own delivery
    •  Visit ouFAQ page for information on where we are located & how to pick-up

Your Goals

  • Send us a picture of yourself and why you're excited to be a Pantry Fuel AmBADASSador so we can announce it on our social media upon being chosen.
  • Read Our Story and check out our website. Know when orders are due (Wednesday's by midnight), how many meals we serve each week (five), when we deliver (Monday), etc. so you are informed.
  • To fulfill your commitment as a Pantry Fuel AmBADASSADOR we ask that you post at least once a week on your social media platform (Instagram or Facebook). 
    • You can share a story, share our post, or make your own unique post telling your friends & fam what you love about Pantry Fuel. This is where you'll want to share your unique code so that you are REWARDED for customers who order. 
    • Rules? Not a lot ...
      • Keep it POSITIVE
      • No blurry pictures please
      • Be professional, always posting with a SERVICE MINDED HEART <3

Apply now by emailing