Coconut Curry w/Chicken

Coconut Curry w/Chicken

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This is a winner among all! Our traditional Indian curry is made with creamy coconut milk, for a great dairy-free alternative - served over a bed of seasoned brown rice, topped with curry-marinated chicken (add your own spice!). 

Ingredients: chicken breasts, onion, garlic, bell pepper, ginger, brown rice, cilantro, coconut milk, lime juice, brown sugar, fish sauce, curry paste, coconut oil, parsley, other herbs and seasonings 

 Nutrition: 642 cal | 34g fat | 55g carb | 34g protein | 890mg sod
High Fiber • Dairy Free • Gluten Free • Wheat Free • Egg Free • Milk Free • Peanut Free • Tree Nut Free • Soy Free • Shellfish Free • Pork Free • Red Meat Free • Celery Free • Mustard Free • Sesame Free • Lupine Free • Alcohol Free • Kosher

  • Vegetarian: omit chicken, sub w/tofu