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We are driven & talented chefs and culinary 'sidekicks' with a passion for a better food system, an ingrained respect for the art of cooking, and a desire to serve our community healthy, local meals.

New Hiring

Now hiring: Lead Cook/Asst manager

Full time
Friday/Sunday part-time available

Starts at $17/hour

Send resume and letter of interest to :


We care about your attitude, enthusiasm, grit, and dedication to serve our community. We make mistakes—you will too—but we think how you rally and bounce back is what defines you. We want someone who is team-oriented, ready to have each other's backs - and ready to lead if necessary. If you’re looking for a meaningful career with a serving-mentality, equal parts personal and professional development, then we're ready for you!


From our sauces to our mashed potatoes, everything is made in-house, under the guidance of our chefs. Pantry Fuel is a place where budding cooks and chefs learn to master everything—from prep cooking to customer service and delivery. You’ll come with some knife skills, and stay for the life skills.

Work Perks

Free food

Driver reimbursement

Paid Christmas vacay

 Generous bonuses 


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