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The most important thing you can do (while social-distancing)

The most important thing you can do (while social-distancing)

Mar 25, 2020


Jennifer Stuchell

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved dreaming about the future and planning it all in the form of daydreams, lists, and journaling. I still make daily lists, writing them down, along with all my aspiring dreams and gratitudes, in my journal. Each January, I look forward to finding the perfect journal to carry me through the year. Journaling is a tool for reflection and self-discovery. I've come to many awe-inspiring solutions and even created Pantry Fuel from writing down my thoughts and feelings in my journal -- then reflecting and learning from them.

During this social-distancing (covid-19) period, I have mostly caught up on work, but I plan to prioritize journaling each day moving forward. One of my favorites quotes:

"Being busy' is usually an excuse. If it is important to us, we will spend time on it -- if it's not, we won't. Our actions show us what we truly care about".

In a world where most days are filled to the minute with to-do items, we're in a rare time where we can take advantage of self-reflection and discovery. Conflicting information is every where all the time, pining for our attention. More than ever we must guard our brain, eyes, and hearts from what it's taking in! It's just too much - especially if you're an empath like me. Overstimulation is not good for us. We must make time to reflect on what we're learning, reading, and experiencing, or it's like another of my favorite quotes: 

“Events in life mean nothing if you do not reflect on them in a deep way -- and ideas and information are pointless if they have no application to life as you live it.”

Today, I wanted to share some journal prompts that are extremely helpful for self-reflection and discovery. Learning and growing are such important aspects of being human and I think a lot of these prompts are superb reminders and lessons for continual growth. I suggest coming back to many of these throughout the year and over a lifetime. Our beliefs and ideas will, and should, change. We are ever-changing, fluid beings, which is what makes us human! We are allowed to change our minds and our hearts. When we change our thoughts and behaviors (habits) we allow flexibility to flow into our lives, so we give ourselves the opportunity to grow!

Journal Prompts

  • What story have we orchestrated about our own lives (true or not)?
  • What might we be clinging onto from our past that is creating this narrative?
  • If we could rewrite our story (which, we can!) how would it go? "Our life is our story"
  • What labels do we use to describe ourselves? Are they nice?
  • What labels would we like others to use to describe us? Start using them ourselves!
  • How can we let go of the narrative in our past (let go of hurts - stop playing the victim) and not be afraid of taking responsibility for our new life? 
  • How can we learn to be more flexible? Where in our life do we need to let go of control? Why do we control? 
  • What or who triggers us? Are these triggers actually things that are reflections of our own self (problems/frustrations)?
  • How can we be less affected by these triggers?
  • What three things can we do in the moment when triggered to respond gracefully and empathetically without fear (anger, sadness, annoyance, etc.)?
  • Where are our expectations not being met? Why do we have these expectations? How can we loosen our grip with expectations and be more graceful/flexible with situations, others, and ourselves?
  • What three things are we grateful for right now (big or small)?
  • If we could do just one thing today to feel happy and accomplished, what would it be?
  • What type of person (going back to the labels we choose for ourselves) do we want to be remembered as? What are three things we can do TODAY to start being remembered as such?

Write. Reflect. Reflect. Reflect. Reflect. Learn.

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