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Healthy Eating Decisions - It's up to you!

Nov 08, 2017


Jennifer Van Cott

Eating healthy is vastly important; because your body is a machine fueled off of the nutrition you feed it. Well oiled machines are often able to perform better than those machines that are not regularly cared for, in other words when you eat great, you often feel amazing. The recommendation for a staple daily diet consists of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. While everyone has a different intake, and a different diet that works best for them, they should be working to consume a diet that benefits their individual health. A balance in your diet creates consistency and allows for you to feel good while you train for that better version of yourself. In my own life, eating healthy has allowed me to accomplish more and feel better doing it. While it is tempting to pass up a greasy hamburger for salad, the differences are real and have implications on your body in the short-term and the long-term.


Beginning to change your diet is one of the most difficult habits a person can implement into their daily lives. We are constantly challenged by so many delicious foods on a day to day basis, most of which are not good for you. The challenge to eat healthy often sounds easy and simple, but proves to be hard over long periods of time. While I have dealt with this challenge myself, I have found some success by limiting my diet to short-term goals. These goals are as simple as changing your diet for a week, accomplished by adding a salad to replace an unhealthy dish. You might think that one particular instance would not make a difference, right? But yes it does, breaking a habit requires a strong mindset and bending your own rules even once opens the flood gates to repetitive behavior.


Everyone can relate to a certain instance where they have wanted to change a particular habit, and most people often attempt to complete this immediately by stopping this habit all together. The difficulty in changing a habit instantly is extreme, and most fail to stop their habit if they do not start with the short-term. Short-term goals are the best solution in these situations, by envisioning a better version of yourself along with measurable changes; you can create a long-term change to living a healthy lifestyle through becoming a healthier eater. 


The people we surround ourselves by have a strong ability to change our actions. If you want to be the change maker in your family or amongst your friends, you need highly self-motivated and strong willed. If you hold yourself accountable for goals, you will become successful. Habits are often routine and hard to break out of, because it’s something we have always done.


Mortimer Alder, a famous New York philosopher says, “Habits are formed by the repetition of particular acts. They are strengthened by an increase in the number of repeated acts. Habits are also weakened or broken, and contrary habits are formed by the repetition of contrary acts,”[1]


Breaking out of these habits are hard and are even harder if others who make poor food choices surround us - but each one of us has the ability to create this change you wish to see. Eating healthy is easy and simple, staying in this cycle of routine and commitment is the hard part. You have the ability to change your life for the better and by using short-term goal setting you can change unwanted habits, as I have accomplished myself.


Locally sourced and built for you, Pantry Fuel gathers healthy foods to get your day started. Pantry Fuel is truly committed to making you feel great through eating the right ingredients your body craves. Our meals are low sodium and highly nutritional, created by our amazing Chef, Aaron. Eating healthier does not have to be so hard, and simply put you can accomplish more by taking the baby steps. Pantry Fuel wants to help you on this journey, we make our meal delicious so you can accomplish your goals without having to sacrifice taste and time.

- Coby, The Intern 



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