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A Celebration of Spokane Small Business

Nov 22, 2017


Jennifer Van Cott

As most people are probably familiar with, this Friday is Black Friday and is often considered the largest shopping day in America for large businesses. Most people, however, are not aware that this Saturday is also an important day for small businesses, because it is National Small Business Day. Small Business Day is an annual event that celebrates your local Small Businesses and what they have been accomplishing in the community. Local businesses continue to face fierce competition with larger corporate businesses and this day allows for recognition of small businesses in our Spokane community and communities alike.

Spokane is a community that is growing and changing, but still manages to uphold traditional values. We have amazing people and this allows for amazing things to be accomplished. Spokane is also a hot bed for entrepreneurship in small business. Today might be one of the most competitive eras for forward thinking and innovation, as everyone attempts to do it right. Doing it right, and doing it for the right reason is a critical value to creating real change. Small businesses like us, Pantry Fuel, have found that you can support the community whilst creating real change. In this quote from Paul Ryan, a current politician, he mentions why small businesses are truly unique. 

Behind every small business, there’s a story worth knowing. All the corner shops in our towns and cities, the restaurants, cleaners, gyms, hair salons, hardware stores – these didn’t come out of nowhere.”[1]

There are so many different faucets of a community in which a small business supports. When you buy local, you support local economies and its' people. Supporting small business is promoting love in your community by keeping what we love a part of it and because small businesses reinvest into other small businesses, Spokane can continue to thrive.

Loving our farmers and our 'mom n' pop' shops are all part of this Small Business Saturday event. This event is about feeding creative minds and supporting those who are willing to risk it all. This Saturday, instead of celebrating Small Business day, Pantry Fuel wants to celebrate all of Pantry Fuel’s supporters!

We want to hear your voice! Pantry Fuel wants to know how we can better support you with this mission to become healthier, more conveniently. Many of our other blogs have mentioned goals to push you and to motivate our readers to becoming a better version of ourselves - for our community. Now, Pantry Fuel wants learn how we can improve the way we work with you, so you can become that much better FOR YOU!

Setting a goal to make an existing change, Pantry Fuel is striving to accomplish more, more in the community and more in the kitchen. On Saturday we will share some insights as to why Pantry Fuel is unique and why we love and support our fellow Pantry Fuel team members and our customers.

Small businesses fuel our local community so, on Saturday, let's celebrate the local successes of all these amazing small businesses and hard working owners and teams that are helping to keep Spokane thriving!

Coby, The Intern



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