Weekly Subscription

Weekly Subscription

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Each week, our nutrition & culinary staff create 5 new recipes developed around what produce is seasonally available to us from Spokane small farms. Our passion is in providing you with nutritient-dense foods.

We build meals around plenty of fresh vegetables, lean meats, and feature whole wheat grains & high fiber legumes, perfect for controlling blood-sugar levels, supporting low-glycemic diets (i.e. great for diabetics!). Meals are made and delivered to you fresh within 24 hours. YOUR HEALTH IS OUR PASSION.

The Details

**NOTE: Vegetarian/Gluten free options may not be available for ALL new meals each week due to the nature of the meal. When this is the case, we will double meals that can easily be made to accommodate vegetarian/gluten free diets.

Subscriber Benefits

  • $1 off each 'Regular' meal

  • Customized insulated Pantry Fuel bag - keeps food fresh up to 2 hours after delivery + add ice to even longer freshness

  • Delivery/Pick up flexibility - manage your delivery spot through your account - choose what is most convenient for you that week.

  • Special discounts, farm tours, cooking class invites, and more!

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