Tasty Wedge Salad w/Creamy Chive Blue Cheese Dressing

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Another traditional tried and true recipe with our 'healthy twist'! Omit the mayo and sub with plain Greek yogurt for healthy probiotics for your gut and higher protein. We'll use a nice organic lettuce (and not iceberg!) to give you plenty of nutrition and more flavor. Topped with crispy pork belly, and our homemade gluten-free croutons. 
Vegetarian: omit bacon
Dairy-free: omit cheese, sub w/balsamic dressing
Ingredients:  romaine wedges, homemade blue cheese dressing (Greek yogurt, blue cheese, garlic, seasonings), bacon, croutons, tomatoes, green onions, chives, seasoning/herbs
NUTRITION: 400 cal | 27g F | 26g C | 21g P | 1,085mg Sodium