Spring Minestrone w/Turkey Meatballs

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Minestrone is a classic, warm and inviting soup that displays the colors and flavors of spring produce in such a beautiful way. The turkey meatballs are lean and add extra protein for better recovery and to keep you full and we're going to add some spinach (won't effect the flavors) for an extra boost of Iron nutrition. . This yummy classic will be served with our chef's choice of gluten-free side. 
Vegetarian: omit meatballs
Dairy-free: omit cheese
Ingredients:  ground turkey, gluten-free pasta, diced tomatoes, celery, peas, parmesan cheese, egg, chives, garlic, leek, carrots, spinach, herbs/seasonings
NUTRITION: 313 cal | 13g F | 33g C | 17g P | 1,000mg Sodium (doesn't include side)