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Grandma used to make the BEST and most comforting potato bacon soup - I'm sure FULL of extra fattening cream. We're not going to do that to our soup, though. Our potato bacon soup is going to be dairy-free, but still just as creamy and comforting made with coconut milk, golden potatoes (lower in starch than russet potatoes and better for us!), slow simmered with fresh-cut herbs and seasonings. 

Served w/chef's choice of gluten-free side. 

Ingredients: golden/yellow potatoes, bacon, handful of spinach/greens, vegetable stock, coconut/gluten-free oat milk, green onions, other herbs & seasonings
Nutrition: 595 cal | 30g fat | 65g carb | 18g protein | 625mg sodium
Dairy Free Gluten Free  Egg Free Milk Free Peanut Free Tree Nut Free Soy Free Fish Free Shellfish Free Crustacean Free Celery Free Mustard Free Sesame Free Lupine Free Mollusk Free Alcohol Free No Oil Added No Sugar Added Sulphite Free

  • Vegetarian: omit bacon


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