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Welcome to Pantry Pals – Spokane’s new cookbook club that’s bringing people together through food! We’re all about building intentional relationships over meals, sharing simple recipes, and nourishing our bodies and souls through connection.

Being part of Pantry Pals is more than just cooking – it’s about creating a community. We’re intentional about who we invite and how we share our stories. Our members range from passionate home cooks to those who are just starting to explore the world of food. No matter your experience level, Pantry Pals is here to help you on your culinary journey.

Collectively, we’ll choose cookbooks each month in which members will all cook and share from at a potluck the last Friday of each month. Check out the library for cookbooks to borrow as we explore new flavors and techniques.

Most importantly, Pantry Pals is about more than just reading and cooking. We want to build relationships with you - bringing back the community by meeting at family-friendly locations around Spokane. 

Let’s break bread together and discover the joy of nourishing ourselves and others through this new, beautiful community.  We invite you to join us on the last Friday of each month starting in March.

Annual organization fee. When you sign up we’ll send you information two weeks before the event. 

When | 5:30-7PM the last Friday of each month (starting March 31st)

Where (changes monthly) | Libraries, YMCA, Parks...TBD monthly

Who | family, friends, kiddos, babies 

Bring | one or more recipes from monthly cookbook scaled for 8 people. We will help organize recipe sign-ups to avoid duplicates.

What | each month we'll meet up and share recipes from a cookbook we're loving at the moment. We are always taking requests for new cookbooks! We encourage members to utilize the Spokane Public and County Libraries for all of your cookbook needs. 

Annual join | $25 per individual or family

These are some great online used book resources we love:

- Thrift Books

- SecondSale

- Better World Books

March location: Growing Neighbors @ Shadle Park Presbyterian Church

March Cookbook of the Month:

Good Enough, Leanne Brown


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