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We're note educated on how we can actually support our hormones - we're always working against them or wishing them away. Come learn how to work WITH your hormones - not against them!

Low energy. Hard to build muscle. Menstrual cramps. Menopause symptoms. Would you be surprised to know that intense workouts too close to menstruation or into menopause might actually be causing weight gain? How can you combat cramps and hot flashes with soy? What should you be eating in your follicular phase to support healthy ovulation and progesterone levels?

We know from the data, someone trying to conceive should avoid a high protein low carb diet - but not someone in peri- or menopause! Researchers from Harvard have discovered that women who eat more protein have a significantly higher risk of ovulatory infertility compared to those who eat less protein. Come gain incredible value in this class as we decipher the latest research on hormone support. 

We've partnered with holistic hormone experts to give you all of these answers and more. Following the latest in holistic hormone support, you'll receive practical steps to support hormones and feel your best throughout your cycle and every stage of life as we age.

Females are competing against a 24-hour cycle that governs the world - not our hormones. It's a cyclical system built around what science explains is testosterone.

Hormones govern the way we feel, think, and act. As females, our hormones cycle over approximately 28 days. This means we have ever-changing needs each and every day of our cycle - and in later stages of life!

Our Class leads you step-by-step through estrogen detoxing (menopause), cyclical eating for fertility, herbal support, and exercise syncing for both stages of life. You’re also going to learn how to make herbal remedies and teas to include for additional support! 

This class is perfect for those looking to optimize their fertility health AND manage menopause symptoms.


When: April 6, 5-7PM (Light Food Provided)

Details: Wear comfortable clothing ready to enjoy fitness programming and the sauna.

Where: Northwest Elite Physical Therapy @ North Spokane Corridor, Colbert, WA 99208, 10 minutes north of  Wandermere Shopping (exact address given week of event)  

Featured Instructors 

  • Morgan is a doctor of physical therapy and owner of Elite Northwest physical therapy. She will be hosting us in her state-of-the-art facility. For increased blood flow and ability to release toxins, Morgan will guide us through a fitness program synced with each hormone cycle in a red light sauna. 
  • Carmen, a Master Herbalist and Founder of Paisley Apothecary, will walk us through practical ways to utilize medicinal nutrition and herbs to optimize female hormones. Each participant will learn how to and create a safe, balanced herbal formula to support female hormones. 
  • Jenny, previously a certified USA Triathlon coach, cross country coach, Boston marathoner, nutrition educator, and now a business instructor at Gonzaga and owner of Pantry Fuel (dietitian-approved meal prep), Jennifer will teach you practical tips and recipes on how to sync your nutrition and schedule with your cycle (and hormones) to maximize your health, energy and optimize your schedule. Information will also be supportive for menopausal women.


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