Leftover Love Thursday

Leftover Love Thursday

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We despise food waste! Which is why each Thursday you can now fuel up on these 1/2-priced single-serve meal leftovers from our kitchen to yours. Help support a sustainable, non-wasteful food chain...While supplies last! Don't forget you can order gluten-free sweet treats, too!

The Details

Look to see what is left over on Wednesday evening by following us on Facebook. Pick-up only at our kitchen on Thursday, 3PM-6:30PM.


Kitchen P/U Instructions: 221 E. Rockwood Blvd, Rockwood Lane Community Apartments. *Driving south up Cowley, take a left on 10th, immediate right for Sacred Heart Parish parking lot. We're in Rockwood Lane Apartment, big brick building. Just walk down ramp on east side of building and ring the doorbell. A staff member should be notified in the kitchen to greet you!