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A sweet & tangy classic, this salad if a fan fave that we're bringing back! With 3 of our 5 recommended cups of fresh vegetables, crispy bacon, and tender-marinated chicken thighs, this salad will satisfy your tastebuds AND fill you up! 

Ingredients:  boneless skinless chicken thighs, salad mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, bacon, apple cider vinegar, mustard, corn, red onion, salt, pepper, oil, seasonings and fresh herbs  
Nutrition 603 cal | 25g fat | 74g carb | 27g protein | 615mg sod
Balanced • High Fiber • Dairy Free • Gluten Free • Wheat Free • Egg Free • Milk Free • Peanut Free • Tree Nut Free • Soy Free • Fish Free • Shellfish Free • Crustacean Free • Celery Free • Sesame Free • Lupine Free • Mollusk Free • Alcohol Free

  • Vegetarian option: omit chicken and bacon


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