Grandma's Rosemary Chicken w/Mashed (purple) Potatoes

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This has to be a family favorite as things start to cool off in our house - everyone begs grandma for this at dinner! Traditional rosemary roasted chicken thighs, for some extra tenderness and moisture, served alongside buttery-garlic mashed purple potatoes (low glycemic! taste just like potatoes), and a side of chef's choice seasonal vegetable. A perfect meal the entire family can love!
Vegetarian: sub. chicken w/roasted rosemary organic tofu

Ingredients: roasted chicken thighs, purple potatoes, seasonal vegetable (broccoli, carrots, onion, medley, etc.), butter, garlic, rosemary, fresh herbs, seasonings
 Nutrition | Cal 656, 38F, 49C, 31P, Sod 1185mg
 gluten free, dairy free