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We created this guide to help women feel their very best in all hormone stages - based on nutrition data and reliable science. From this guide, we've hosted Hormone Workshops with various professionals such as physical therapists, to learn how to also sync functional movement with our hormones and cycles. Look out for future in-person and online events.

Most women aren't even aware that we have four different phases within our menstrual cycle. We typically only talk about the 'bleed' period portion of our cycle. Most of us know that we feel great following our period, the highs of the follicular and ovulation phases - but hate the lows of PMS and menstruation.

It may seem countercultural, but it is possible to have a better period and feel a sense of ease with your menstrual cycle. The foods we eat are a really important way of supporting our menstrual and hormonal health. 

We can split our menstrual cycle into four phases:

1.menstrual (starts the first day of our period)

2. follicular

3.ovulation; and

4. luteal.

After we learn what is hormonally going on during our cycles, we can start to understand why we feel the way we do. Why we don't want to do a run, but rather do some light stretching. Or why we're craving dark chocolate. There are scientific reasons to explain our mood and all of the functions that support us throughout the month. Once we learn all of this, we can then add in foods that support our body’s needs during each phase of our hormone life cycle.

Menopause is associated with increased prevalence of obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis. To support our bodies into menopause, we want to decrease inflammation, support estrogen levels and bone density, and increase protein to fight back natural muscle atrophy. 

This hormone guide is simply meant to compress months and months of research into digestible, practical ways to optimize and live WITH your hormones, not work against them. 


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