Chana Dal & Sweet Potato Bacon Chowder

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Similar flavors that you're used to in a classic potato chowder, but we've replaced corn with chickpeas (Chana Dal) for higher nutrients (iron, fiber, folate, protein, and more!). First we'll start with some bacon, then we'll simmer the veg. mix to perfection in our homemade broth, and drizzle in some half-and-half (to make it creamy and thick!) -- garnished with chives, green onions, and bacon crisps. 
Vegetarian: omit bacon

Ingredients: vegetable broth, almond milk, butter, sweet potatoes, onions, bell pepper, jalapeño, chickpeas, bacon, seasonings, herbs
Nutrition | 315C | 9g F | 48g C | 17g P  
gluten free