Cowgirl Chicken Salad

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The perfect fresh twist on a classic salad. We use freshly cooked (and soaked overnight!) black beans, to avoid that GI stress but get all the benefits from legumes (tons of iron, magnesium, protein, and more!). Then we toss this salad with organic corn kernels, diced onion, avocado, red bell peppers, some fresh tomatoes, and edamame (for our own high protein twist!). This is all topped over a bed of organic lettuce and serve a side of our homemade lime-dijon vinaigrette. 
Vegetarian: omit chicken

Ingredients: chicken breasts, organic lettuce, black beans, tomatoes, bell pepper, corn, onion, edamame, avocado, honey, lime juice, olive oil, seasonings/fresh herbs
Nutrition | 509C | 34g F | 35g C | 20g P  
dairy free, gluten free