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Served over a bed of chopped lettuce, this Indian-inspired Curry Salad is delicious and nutritious! Made with antioxidant-rich curry powder, toasted cashews, and crispy vegetables, you'll want to eat this salad all summer long. Delicious scooped on top of a piece of bread or crackers, too. 

Ingredients: boneless skinless chicken thighs, plain Greek yogurt, grapes, apples, lemon (juice), cashews, celery, lettuce, other seasonings and herbs 
Nutrition: 495 Cal | 33g F | 20g C | 30g P | 626mg Sod

Low Carb  Paleo  Gluten Free  Wheat Free  Peanut Free  Soy Free  Fish Free  Shellfish Free  Pork Free  Red Meat Free  Crustacean Free  Sesame Free  Lupine Free  Mollusk Free  Alcohol Free  No Sugar Added  Sulphite Free  Kosher

  • Vegetarian option: omit chicken, sub with chickpeas


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