Chicken BLT Salad

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Hard to go wrong with bacon, lettuce, and tomato - we're going to serve this classic salad with side of Greek yogurt dressing and organic greens as a bed for delicious grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, and hardboiled eggs. Topped with avocado. This salad is supreme and super high in protein!
Vegetarian: omit chicken and bacon
Dairy-free: omit Greek Yogurt, sub. house dressing (although Greek yogurt is 99% lactose-free, due to probiotics breaking down lactase)
Ingredients:  seasoned chicken, organic lettuce, hardboiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, bacon, Greek Yogurt, coconut milk, avocado, chickpeas, seasoning/herbs
NUTRITION: 592 cal | 33g F | 18g C | 55g P | 682mg Sodium

 *We reserve the right to modify any dish based on availability. We appreciate you supporting local!