Blackened Cod with Avocado-Cucumber Salsa

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Cod is such a delicate fish, but when cooked rare and then reheated at home, it retains most of its moisture and will flake apart perfectly. High in protein and omega-3's (healthy fats) this dish is a beautiful low carb/high protein option for lunch of dinner. Served with a side of our homemade Avocado-Cucumber salsa all over a bed of roasted organic corn, zucchini, quinoa mixture.

IMPORTANT: We always cook fish rare, otherwise it will get tough and rubbery after reheating. Follow instructions for reheating to 165F at home and this fish should turn out perfect.
Vegetarian: Chef's choice (blackened tofu)
Dairy-free: omit butter, sub. w/vegetable oil
Ingredients:  cod, quinoa, zucchini, roasted organic corn, cucumber, avocado, bran oil, parsley, herbs/seasonings 
NUTRITION: 451 cal | 27g F | 48g C | 10g P | 984mg Sodium
gluten-free, dairy-free


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