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HIGH PROTEIN MEAL. We know how much you love tacos, so we're whipping our version of this nutritious deconstructed burrito bowl served over quinoa with lean ground turkey for extra protein, served with a side of peach salsa - YUM! Did you know sweet potatoes are actually low glycemic?! YOU CHOOSE this bowl to be served on a bed of greens OR complete protein quinoa. 

Ingredients: quinoa (standard), lean ground turkey, sweet potato, spring greens/lettuce, onions, corn, tomatoes, black beans, tomato paste, garlic, olives, mango, peach, other herbs & seasonings
Nutrition: 583 cal | 26g F | 54g C | 37g P | 686mg Sod

High Fiber • Gluten Free • Wheat Free • Egg Free • Peanut Free • Tree Nut Free • Soy Free • Fish Free • Shellfish Free • Pork Free • Red Meat Free • Crustacean Free • Celery Free • Mustard Free • Sesame Free • Lupine Free • Mollusk Free • Alcohol Free • No Sugar Added • Sulphite Free

  •  Vegetarian option: omit ground, sub w/additional beans
  • Dairy-free option: omit cheese


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