Zucchini White Bean Chicken Soup

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The first of the warm weather soups have hit! And if you're from the PNW, you know we still love a good pot full of seasonal nutrition that's filling in the summer. We present to you: this seasonal chicken veggie soup! The same texture as chili, so sure to keep you full, but brighter with a squeeze of lemon and slow-simmered summer veggies in a rich homemade vegetable broth. Served with a side of our chef's gluten-free  rosemary focaccia bread. So good! 

Ingredients: chicken, low sodium vegetable stock, zucchini, white beans, corn, carrots, celery, lemon juice, white wine, onion, garlic, other herbs & seasonings
Nutrition 546 cal | 8g F | 83g C | 38g P | 629mg Sod
High Fiber Low Fat Mediterranean Dairy Free Gluten Free Wheat Free Egg Free Milk Free Peanut Free Tree Nut Free Soy Free Fish Free Shellfish Free Pork Free Red Meat Free Crustacean Free Mustard Free Sesame Free Lupine Free Mollusk Free Kosher
  •  Vegetarian option: omit chicken